I have been always passionate about audio-visual creations & explorations of life through people and stories which comes sometimes in the style of fiction ,documentary, video art or experimental art ..

I believe that films are made to tell a story, give a feeling .. make you think or make you feel lost and maybe sometimes just to speak your confusion and dark sides ..

I am a film lover who’s exploring myself and my passion of life through many kinds of ways!

Here you are some of those ways in the period of 10 years and more to come nshalla !



Offside in Khartoum 

Feature Length Documentary 2018/2019

” What If your country is going through political, economical and social challenges,Can women  dream big?  what if they are playing Football? ”

Film in post-production supported by: CNC, IDFA, AFAC, IMS, SORFOND and Alter-Cine

Produced by : ORE productions SDN

Co-produced by : Stray Dog DNK     |    Big Sisters FR

Filmed and Directed by : Marwa Zein



One Week, Two Days ! 

Short Fiction Film 2016/2017

” When you are in love, it’s not only about harmony .. It’s about fear and time ! ”

Produced by Red Star Productions and ORE productions

Screenplay and Directed by : Marwa Zein

World Premiere Dubai International Film Festival 2016, Official selection in more than 15 International Film Festival around the globe and still in festivals round !






A game – Short Fiction Film 2009 / 2010
Adaptation FROM ( lets play a game ) by the Italian writer Alberto Moravia – ” What a game can reveal about mother and daughter relationship? ”
6 Mins Length
Shot in cinema 35 mm
Screenplay and Directed by : Marwa Zein

Award winning film in :
Ismailia International Short Film Festival
National Egyptian Short Film Festival
Free Image short film festival
Adana Goldenboll short film festival

Official Selection in many international film festivals 2009/2010

To watch

ultural Policy For All Egyptians

A short documentary about how people are affected by art & culture it was made to support culture policies changing in Egypt after Revolution
Produced by Al Mawred Al Thakafy 2014

Directed by: Marwa Zein

To Watch 



It’s a short documentary film 2008 , an intimate portrait of  The Palestinian- Egyptian Photographer “Randa Shaath”  Through the film we know Her background, How she became a photographer, Her relation with her father – The Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister, her projects & her Personality.

To Watch https://vimeo.com/78908889


Experimental Video 5 min  | 2017

” As we are born to move around in circles to the infinity … ”

The exploration took place in Fontainebleau in France,

Performer: Claire De Colombel

Camera Person: Marwa Zein

To Watch


Al Mawred Al Thakafy 

Short Documentary Film 2012

This short film documented one of our greatest cultural resources in the whole Middle East ” Al Mawred ” and I was lucky to be supported by them and be the one who documented part of their unique and outstanding journey

To Watch




What A Lover Can BE?


Short Experimental Film 2015

Experimental Video under the theme of the ” LOVER ” ..

what’s love if you can’t be proudly vulnerable ?

Filmed & Directed by Marwa Zein
Shot in Copenhagen August 2015

Denmark Film School  Supervised by Professor Arne Bro

To Watch



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